Christianity and the Law of God vs Libertarianism and Free Moral Agency

We are regaled with the argument “God gave man free moral agency” as a means to justify any number of activities (prostitution, adultery, polygamy, polyamory, bigamy and Sodomy) as allegedly “outside the jurisdiction of civil government.” A government with enough power to restrict these criminal activities is said to be “too big” and “trouncing ‘liberty’”. […]

Calvinism alone can stop our National decline

Calvinism alone can stop our National decline. Not Lutheranism with its Two Kingdoms theology. Not Escondido Reformed with its Reformed Two Kingdoms theology. Not Arminianism with it historical lean towards Tyranny. Not Pentecostalism with its emotionally driven ethos. Not Roman Catholicism that insists everything must come inside the Church in order to be legitimate. Only […]

The Vatican charges €40,000 for sainthood, Christ offers sainthood freely

  According to an article in the Financial Times, the Vatican charges €40,000 in order to expedite the research process into verifying sainthood. What is the price of sainthood? Vatican officials made a startling discovery shortly after Pope Francis was elected in 2013: outside payments were routinely made to a small office in the Holy See […]

The ultimate purpose of sex is procreation

Premise — The ultimate purpose of sex is procreation Sodomite Objection — “If the sole point of human sex was procreation, then women would literally only be able to have sex while ovulating.” Answering the Objection — Notice I did not say “sole” point. I said “Ultimate purpose.” The ultimate purpose of sex, as God created sex, […]