#BlackLivesMatter is an implementation of a program from Guatemala to destroy law and order

From the Daily Caller:

Obama will put his far-from-negligible brand at the service of Hillary’s Potemkin presidency. Hillary will depend on Obama’s superior ability to manage the coalition that gives him more power than any lame duck in history. For her part, Madame President will cover for Obama as he creates a social-justice regime in the US.


Obama already has a cadre of change-makers in place: the Black Lives Matter movement. Said he:  “They are much better organizers than I was when I was their age, and I am confident that they are going to take America to new heights.”


Indeed, Obama and Hillary have already shown their mettle for social engineering on a global scale.


In Guatemala, since 2010, the Obama State Department has underwritten a movement called the Committee of United Campesinos, or CUC.  For the CUC’s benefit, the Guatemalan government has reduced the activity of the police to nearly zero.


The CUC and associated ‘human-rights’ groups presently rule much of the countryside with their heavily armed militias.


The militias have deposed local officials and substituted their own cadres. They have confiscated the properties of large landholders and forbidden the introduction of economic development projects that do not respect ‘indigenous rights.’


The militias have trampled underfoot the rights of ordinary people and have kept them in dire poverty. Perversely, the very militias underwritten by the U.S. have boosted illegal immigration to the U.S.


Steve Hecht, an American businessman and political analyst, is a long-term resident of Guatemala. He calls the recently-announced Black Lives Matter platform “identical” to what the CUC has been doing for years under U.S. auspices.


Dr. Armando de la Torre, the dean of graduate social studies at Guatemala’s Francisco Marroquín University, is also a US citizen. He told The DC:


“Obama is today the president of all Guatemalans, very few of whom know he is their actual ruler. The country’s president, ministers and congress take their orders from the U.S. embassy. Hillary Clinton has been a principal formulator of this policy, which is an obvious indicator of how she would like things to go in the U.S. –if only our laws and customs were to allow it.”

The goal of the Black Lives Matter movement is to make it so dangerous for the police to operate in black neighborhoods that they cease to patrol those areas completely and create lawless zones in major cities. This destruction of law and order is part of the plan of the Jesuits to destroy Protestant America and turn it into a third-world country overrun with Roman Catholicism and other pagan religions.

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fibonacciblue/17130711447

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