Pope Francis, Lutheran Chief, Urge Christians to Defend the Rights of Moslem Refugees who want to conquer Protestant Europe

The Pope, whose office is the antichrist, continues to push for the destruction of the Protestant Reformation by the Moslem Hijrah into Europe and America. In addition to the concept of pilgrimage, the Moslem term Hijrah also includes the idea of invasion through mass immigration. This invasion is prophesied in Revelation 20 when the armies […]

#BlackLivesMatter is an implementation of a program from Guatemala to destroy law and order

From the Daily Caller: Obama will put his far-from-negligible brand at the service of Hillary’s Potemkin presidency. Hillary will depend on Obama’s superior ability to manage the coalition that gives him more power than any lame duck in history. For her part, Madame President will cover for Obama as he creates a social-justice regime in […]

Pope Hails Election of Sadiq Khan, Celebrates Mass Muslim Migration Into Europe

Embed from Getty Images http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/05/22/pope-celebrates-mass-muslim-migration/ The Jesuit Counter-Reformation is continuing today though with different methods than it used initially. The Pope applauds the mass immigration of Moslems into Western countries because the Moslems are a tool to persecute protestants and destroy protestant countries. The Pope does not care if many of his own Catholics in […]

Michael Savage is afraid to expose the Roman Catholic Jesuit Conspiracy

Michael Savage and Alex Jones

Embed from Getty Images In an interview with Alex Jones, Michael Savage said that “All roads lead to Rome,” noting the Roman Catholic connection between new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (before John Boehner who was also a Roman Catholic). However, Savage was afraid to expose […]