Michael Savage is afraid to expose the Roman Catholic Jesuit Conspiracy

Michael Savage and Alex Jones

In an interview with Alex Jones, Michael Savage said that “All roads lead to Rome,” noting the Roman Catholic connection between new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (before John Boehner who was also a Roman Catholic). However, Savage was afraid to expose the Roman Catholic conspiracy any further and said: “That’s as far as I can go without winding up with lead shoes in the bottom of San Francisco Bay. And I’ll let it hang in the air.”

Michael Savage: Socialism is suddenly popular in America. How’s that possible? Because the drugged morons don’t even know what it is. they don’t know what it has wrought. They don’t know where it leads. They have no idea what it will do to them. Now, couple that with bringing in as many Islamic fascist as you possibly can as quickly as you can. Why? Why are they bringing in so many young men of military age into Europe, into America? What’s the game plan here? And now throw in what your talking about, confiscation of guns. It ain’t happening Alex. It would not. Australia. Australia had no Second Amendment, that’s number one. And I will remind you and your audience, and this is the most important thing Alex. I’m sorry for the day. I have a tape that I keep playing on my radio show from Elena Kagan when she was appointed the Supreme Court, when she went through the fake hearing, the kangaroo fake hearing of whether she should be appointed or not. She was asked about the Second Amendment. So, Elena Kagan when she was grilled, fake grilled, she says, Where do you stand on guns? And she says “The second amendment is established law.” “The second amendment is established law.” Well, if it’s established law, how could Barry from Honolulu take your guns? How good the witch from Arkansas or Chappaqua…

Alex Jones: I agree with you, they’re openly licking their chops is what I’m saying. I agree it’ll start a Civil War. I agree they’re not gonna get away with it, but they’re openly now, Hillary, Obama, others, saying “we do need to look at confiscation.” That’s a bold move. Why are they shooting their mouths off?

Michael Savage: There was a time not too long ago when the Democrats would never even touch God, guns, and gays. Remember that time not so long ago? But Barry from Honolulu is such a slick con artist that he’s so hoodwinked the American drug addict, that they actually think it’s time for socialism, gun seizures, no borders, and flood America with your Muslim brethren. The people are stupid and they’re drugged, Alex, and they sensed they could get away with it. But you know what, they’re reading the tea leaves wrong. they’ll be a revolution and they’re gonna lose, Alex. There are too many guns and too many people ready to fight them. I’m not calling for revolution, they are. Let’s be very clear. I am a man of peace. I am a man of peace, but we have gangsters running this country! Criminals! Gangsters! What the hell is this highway bill all about?! The first day… I’m sorry for yelling.

Alex Jones: No, no, we’re normal, we see total criminal takeover, the death of freedom, the death of the west, and these crazy socialists that so hate freedom they want to bring in the most radical Sunni Wahabists to run around and rape people and the Swiss and Dutch and all the rest of these police just let them go under orders. It’s just crazy that we’ve gotten to this point, and it’s normal to get angry. We need to get people out of their coma. How do we do that?

Michael Savage: I gotta go back to Paul Ryan, he gives a speech today that I hear on ABC news about the highway bill. Listen to this, the first day he gives a speech what’s it about? The highway bill. Who was it who was pushing the highway bill for years now? Nancy Pelosi! Put two and two together. Why is it a highway bill that’s on the top of their list?

Alex Jones: ‘Cause Pelosi supported him.

Michael Savage: Why does Pelosi push him? All roads lead to Rome. Did you ever hear that one going back to ancient time. All roads lead to Rome. That’s as far as I can go without winding up with lead shoes in the bottom of San Francisco Bay. And I’ll let it hang in the air. It is the most corrupt, degenerate, criminal government in American history and I’m not saying this for effect, nor to sell a book. I’m trying to awaken people. Unfortunately Alex, your audience is already awake and they’re agitated. They’re ready to strike, they don’t know what to do.

Note how many Speakers of the House were Roman Catholic: Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Newt Gingrich (1995-1999), Tom Foley (1989-1995), Tip O-Neill (1977-1987), and John William McCormack (1962-1971).

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