Hallowing Halloween

Some might object and say, “But Halloween was a day that was filled with evil superstitions.” To which we might reply, “But who has the right to fill it? And with what?”

When October 31 dawns I can dress up like the Pope and laugh because I know that my costume is no more a farce than his own own robes are. I can paint my face like a ghoulish creature and giggle because I know that Christ has “unhaunted” the world through grace. Jesus has defanged the vampires, dehorned the dragons, and displaced all principalities and powers. When we send our kids to a neighbor’s door to say, “Trick or treat,” we can smile knowing that the joke is on the devil. This is deep comedy.

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The final stages of being given over to a reprobate mind are showing themselves in this delusional author. So Christians have vanquished the enemy and left their memorial a desolate and forgotten relic of antiquity, eh? We don’t know who Poseidon is so I guess that means that being culturally trampled upon and extinguished by satanists and secularists is irrelevant. People don’t know who Zeus is. We won. I’ll bet you didn’t know that till now. I’ll bet you foolishly thought we were the underdog. The Rothschild are on the ropes, are not economically raping the earth with our military, and R. C. is president. I get all that.

But leaving that idiocy aside, suppose we HAD extinguished the adversary. The next delusion to shine the light on is the notion that chief among the exploits of such victories would be Christians commemorating these non-victories, not by IGNORING THEM, or if actually indicated by historical events, REPLACING THEM, but of course….. what else? By dressing up like devils and joining the traditions of satanists to Herald and blazon our ascendancy. What else would so typify our victory to the world but by…… COPYING THEM AND FOLLOWING THEM EVERYWHERE???

But sure……we’ll disguise this arrant conformity to the devil with megalomaniacal visions of ascendancy, ascribing completely new meanings to such events that no one but hirling spiritual prostitutes ever dreamed of, but its laden with benefits if you can get past that first swallow. Like…… we’ll have to carry no crosses nor appear as fools to the world for opposing their idolatry. The formula of popery and Seeker Sensitive fruitcakes both. Welcome to the modern “Reformed”. Deformed Theology for the 21st century. Copy Satanists. It’s the Reformed thing to do. I’ll bet this guy was taught by Doug Wilson. It has the same stench.

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  1. Are you only interested in posting anonymous hatchet pieces?

    1. southernchristian says: Reply

      Have you read The Two Babylons by Alexander Hyslop? Why do you seek to bring the church under the bondage of popish celebrations? https://archive.org/details/cu31924029406448

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