Multi-racial congregations make spiritually weak congregations

As we examine the recent suicidal intent of the PCA presbytery to multi-racialize their congregations while at the same time offering endless apologies for unproven or unrelated “sins” we know that their immanent breakup will be soon to come. The amalgamation and ultimately genocide of God’s people groups which will eventually unfold through proximity of relationships must afford us a time to reflect and pause in contemplation. Will we as the Church and the Body of Christ be ready to pick up the pieces of this broken denomination. Let us be ever ready to minister grace and peace not withstanding rebuke and correction to those who will come to repent and form new churches. Will we as members of the Body of Christ be there to help those who have invested their lives into this once great denomination as they realize what they have sown to. As the PCA was created in opposition to the PCUSA, so let a sincere denomination now form who will honor all of God’s word and His magnificent order for the Nations of the world.

I pray this in the name of our God, our Savior and King of the Nations, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Causes for separation of the PCA from the PCUSA
Causes for separation of the PCA from the PCUSA

“This is a picture of a page from chapter two of the book “The History of the Presbyterian Church in America” by Dr. John Richards. Dr. John Richards was one of the founding fathers of the PCA which broke away from the PCUS in 1973 due to that denomination’s steady progress into Liberalism. The direct context of the list in the picture is from a sermon Dr. Richards gave discussing how the spiritual unity or “oneness” which all Christians have in Christ was being twisted in ways not supported by Scripture and even antithetical to Christianity both in the PCUS and the culture at large. The fact that this list now describes the views of the majority of those in the PCA is a sad indication of how far that denomination has strayed from its conservative founding principles.”As recent as 1973 when the PCA was formed this was commonly confessed… In [41] years we’ve gone from very publicly saying this to being embarrassed by it.”~ FBF Author~ Dr. John Richards.

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